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Jake featured in Henderson Rotary's 'Rota Vine' on his business career in the United States.


Jake Bezzant is a young entrepreneur who is the National Party candidate for the North Harbour electorate in the upcoming election. He replaces the Hon Paula Ben- nett who will become a List MP with election campaign responsibilities.

Jake has a legal, managerial and commercial background with university qualifica- tions in law, politics,and international relations.

His business skills were developed in his management role with the ASX listed Smart Parking Corporation and then through establishing the world leading technology company Parking Sense of which he was CEO.

Technology is currently the 3rd biggest industry in New Zealand and will become our biggest earner within the next 10 years.

His business Parking Sense was established in 2014. They broke into the US market by developing an APP which directed people to available parking spaces via their phone thereby turning countless hours of wasted time into productive time. Where their system has been introduced by large companies the time taken to park by em- ployees has dropped from an average of 35 minutes to 5 minutes. As a result they

arrive at their work in a much better frame of mind and are immediately more productive.

Being a Kiwi based company was a huge advantage largely because we typically approach development with the attitude of how we can make it work rather than why it will not work.

Because of this approach Kiwis are arguably the best innovators in the world but then we sell and the value goes overseas. The company is now developing technology for charging electric cars.

Jake believes there are huge opportunities for new Zealanders in the development of technology. One of the changes we will see in the very near future is in the motor vehicle industry. Car manufacturers are now building electronics into vehicles which will enable it to do everything your phone can do and the car can be managed from your phone.

We will also see technology in cities infrastructure which will improve the ever increasing traffic issues we currently face. NZ is very attractive to US investors and we need to exploit that.

Jake has entered politics to create opportunities for young people and to challenge the establishment with a younger entrepreneurial view- point.

Source: Rotary Club of Henderson 'Rota Vine', March 2020, Issue 35, Volume 60.

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