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Local party members have today selected Jake Bezzant as National’s candidate in Upper Harbour for the 2020 Election.

Mr Bezzant is replacing Paula Bennett, National’s Campaign Chair, who isn’t seeking re-election in Upper Harbour but will stand as a List only candidate.

“I’m incredibly humbled to be chosen to contest Upper Harbour for National and I’m grateful to local Party members for their support and encouragement,” Mr Bezzant says.

“The people here in Upper Harbour, from Massey to Unsworth Heights, know the value of hard work. At one stage it was known for having the largest number of homeowners with a mortgage. People are working hard to try and get ahead, and I will do all I can to support them.

“Upper Harbour deserves a Government that will take care of their hard-earned tax dollars and spend it on much needed infrastructure and roading projects. Instead what they have is a Government spending their taxes on experimental projects like KiwiBuild and light rail.

“National is the only team that has the experience in managing our economy to ensure it’s growing, and able to meet the needs of all New Zealanders. A National Government will spend your taxes wisely and get results.

“Right now Upper Harbour needs an effective National Government. It is the Party with ideas, it knows how to get things done, and it’s focused on ensuring hard working New Zealanders are benefiting.

“I’ll be fighting hard to earn Upper Harbour’s trust to ensure we don’t waste another three years with a Labour-led Government Kiwis can’t afford.”

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